My name is Terran Olson and I’ve been a musician for most of my life and a programmer for a good chunk of it.

The first musical project of note I was involved with was maudlin of the Well‘s Bath and Leaving Your Body Map, originally released in 2001 and more recently reissued on vinyl.  Since then I’ve also recorded with Kayo Dot, Autumn Tears, Mairin, Tartar Lamb II, and Baliset, and have toured in North America and Europe with Kayo Dot.  I also write chamber music from time to time, and my current project is Vesper Moth.

I got into coding more gradually, getting my feet wet with synth programming and an online indie bookstore, and then transitioning from wrench monkey to code monkey while working in Silicon Valley.  In 2008 I moved to the east coast and went freelance, working with agencies including Cake & Arrow, Polyflavor, Undefined Creative, and Blackrose to build websites using WordPress, Magento, Django, and Drupal.

Eventually I realized that living near the Empire State Building is no substitute for living near the Skyline Trail, so I left New York and once again live in Oakland, California.